Galápagos Villa, Casa La Iguana
is a privately owned and managed villa in Santa Cruz Island – Galapagos

You can choose to luxuriate, repose or entertain in the privacy of your own “home” enhanced by the extraordinary amenities of Casa La Iguana and the superior tourism services of the Island of Santa Cruz. We have created a great getaway environment in the lovely and private neighborhood of Punta Estrada.

The villa has a tenured year-round staff for the family and/or groups that require attention to detail and customized service. Our aim is to provide unparalleled personalized service. Our concierge can place you in touch with tour operators in Puerto Ayora to make sure you reserve the tours to meet your needs. When we say, “We have the perfect getaway for you”, we mean it! From room type to dining to area attractions and beyond; we’ll help you create the experience you want with access to all of the fabulous features offered in the Galapagos.