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Galápagos Places of Interest

Over thousands of years life in the Galápagos Islands has followed a distinctive evolutionary path without human intervention. We ensure you that the unique flora and fauna of the islands will enchant you many times over during your visit.

Here is a brief description of three sites among many other unique places near Santa Cruz Island to visit.

The Highlands
Here you will appreciate the difference between the dry coastal landscapes and the lush green forest of the highlands. Observe the contrast in colors life has painted on bare rock. You may find yourself face to face with the famed Galapagos giant tortoise living in the wild. There are local farmers who offer the opportunity to observe the tortoises roaming free in their property. You will also have a chance to walk through huge lava tunnels formed by old lava rivers.

Tortuga Bay
Here you have a beach made up entirely of soft coral sand. This is probably one of the longest white-sanded beaches you will ever walk in Galapagos. The azure blue waters and the black lava rocks emerging from the sand create a beautiful contrast. If you walk to the furthest side of this beach you´ll find many giant cactus trees growing next to a sea lagoon surrounded by mangroves. At this lagoon you can rent kayaks or relax under the shade of trees.

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South Plazas
The small island is just a few hundred meters off the east coast of Santa Cruz. South Plazas is one of the smallest yet richest islands in the archipelago. Yellow-gray land iguanas live here; they sit beneath the cacti, waiting patiently for the pears to drop. The swallow-tailed gulls build their nest along the cliffs of this Island. Red-billed tropicbirds, masked and blue-footed boobies ride the windy currents. The shoreline of Las Plazas makes for excellent snorkeling in a sea lion colony of nearly a thousand. Your guide will find the right spot to swim with youngsters away from areas claimed by the surly bulls.

Other places of interest include:
'El Garrapatero' beach, North Seymour Island, Beagle & Daphne, Floreana, Las Grietas, La Fé, Caleta Tortuga Negra - Black Turtle Cove, Bachas Beach, Punta Carrion - Whaler's Bay, Cerro Dragon, Bartolome, Santa Fe, Mosquera Islet and Gordon Rocks (divers only)

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The temperatures are very mild considering the archipelago sits right on the equator. The tropical climate provides an average temperature of 72-86 degrees Fahrenheit (22-30 Celsius) and more than 2,300 hours of sunshine a year.